About Kalmeren

Kalmeren is probably not a word you are used to hearing in general conversation, at least not in North America. However, on the streets of Amsterdam, this might be a word used in general conversation. Kalmeren is the Dutch word for calming. So why did I choose a Dutch word as the name of my practice? The first reason is that I wanted the name to reflect the serenity and tranquility of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and acupuncture therapy. Kalmeren rolls out of my mouth like a smooth stream. Waterways and flow are used extensively in TCM as analogies to describe processes in the body. Secondly, Kalmeren reflects the origins of my last name - Elgersma. While uncommon in this area, the -sma ending is common in Friesland, a northern provence of the Netherlands where my husband's family emigrated from.


To bring strength, health, comfort and joy to our animals, providing them the highest quality of life each deserves.


Dedicated to improving pet health through the highest quality of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and acupuncture care.


Provide a compassionate environment for betterment of animals’ health
Improve the quality of life of animals through acupuncture therapy.
Educate clients about the benefits and limitations of acupuncture therapy
Provide a TCVM approach to health management
Work with other veterinarians in the Pittsburgh area
Provide an alternative method for managing of acute and chronic conditions in animals
Work with nonprofit shelters and rescue organizations
Provide friendly, responsive, and informative service.

Core Values

Provide compassionate veterinary care
Communicate clearly and honestly
Benefit the community
Protect and improve the lives of animals
Commit to helping each animal as an individual
Continue learning as a means to guide our work to strengthen our core values