Other Therapies

Here are some of the other therapies Dr. Michelle may use to treat your pet.

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Assisi Loop

This treamtment makes use of the Assisi Loop, which uses electromagnetic fields that aids in the natural recovery process. You can read more on their website. Dr. Michelle primarily uses this to decrease pain and inflamation, accelerate healing, and reduce anxiety in your pet.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal formulas are used in conjunction with acupuncture therapy, and are specific your pet's issue. Herbs come either as powders, tablets, or liquids, and are given with food. These can be given along with Western medications.

Diet/Food Supplements

Dr. Michelle uses a combination of dietary recommendations and food supplements to:
  • support wellness
  • nourish the micro-biome
  • address specific health issues.
She highly recommends the Standard Process line of suppliments, and can prescribe a combination of products that are appropriate for your pet's needs.

Light Therapy

Light therapy can be used to treat pain and inflamation, injuries, neuropathies, wound healing, and exercise recovery. It consists of pads containing rows of blue, red, and near-infrared LEDs that a pet can lie on or have placed on them. Hand-held devices may also be used for more localized treatments, which can be used on acupuncture points to stimulate these points without needles.